With sorting, you can manage the order that menus or price lists, categories, items and modifiers appear to your customers.

Why sorting is useful

This is useful for:

  • Controlling the order of menus such as making “Breakfast” first, followed by “Lunch” and “Dinner”
  • Arranging categories in a logical order, such as making “Appetizers” first and “Desserts” last since that follows the natural progression of a meal
  • Moving popular items to the top of a category
  • Emphasizing high margin items by moving them to the top of a category
  • Arranging the order of modifiers

Where to edit sorting

To change how content is sorted, you need to access the parent level.

  • To sort menus or price lists, go to the location level
  • To sort categories, go to the menus or price lists level
  • To sort items, go to the category level
  • To sort modifiers, go to the item level

Look for the Sort order button.

Note that sorting does not affect the order you see items in the admin.

Video tutorial

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