Logging in

qReveal offers two easy ways to log in to our platform with needing to remember another password!

The ‘magic link’

When you visit https://admin.qreveal.com/login, you’ll see a screen like this:


To get started with an existing account, just enter the email you signed up with originally.

Click the Continue button.

In rare cases, you may be prompted to solve a Google ReCaptcha security challenge in order to protect your security and that of our system. Simply follow the on screen instructions.

The screen should then change to something like what’s shown here:


In the green box, you’ll see a confirmation of the email we just sent a link to. If you see you made a typo or entered the wrong email, click the link in the blue box below to start over.

Now, head over to your email inbox and wait for the email to arrive. It should arrive within a minute, though in some cases it may take slightly longer.

If you don’t immediately see it, try these tips:

  • Double check that the second screen is showing your exact email
  • Try refreshing or “syncing” your inbox again
  • Check the “spam” or “junk” folder (Gmail users may also need to check the “promotions” or other tab)
  • We recommend adding mail@qreveal.com to you address book to ensure quick, efficient delivery of login emails
  • Depending on your email program, you may also be able to add our email address to your “whitelist”
  • Also depending on what email system you use, you may also be able to mark our emails as “import” or create a filter to never send them to spam
  • Once the email arrives, here’s what it looks like in your inbox (we’re showing Gmail here):

Click to open and you’ll see this:


Click on the large blue button and you’ll be logged in to your admin area automatically. If the button doesn’t work, try clicking the long URL near the bottom or copy and pasting it into your browser’s address bar.

That’s it. You’re registered!

Signing inwith Google

We also support signing in with your existing Google Account (an email address).

To use this option, click the Login or Sign Up with Google button at https://admin.qreveal.com/login.


You will then be redirected to a Google branded page. You will need to verify a few security and permissions settings. It is safe to grant qReveal all permissions requested.

You will use your Google password for this login method. qReveal DOES NOT gain access to your Google password.

Cross compatibility

If you sign up with an email address (not via Google) and that same email address is also a Google Account (or you create one for it), you can switch to using the Google login method if you prefer.

Likewise, if you sign up with a Google Account, you can enter the same email in the email field and log in via the magic link method.

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