Item overview

Free plans have a limit on the number of items. qReveal Premium plans include unlimited items. Upgrade to premium to create as many items as you need

Items are part of categories and represent dishes, beverages, products or services you sell.

You might use items to:

  • List different food items or dishes you offer
  • List beverages such as soft drinks, beer, liquor or wine that you offer
  • List a product you offer for sale
  • List a service your business offers

In qReveal, items are one level below menus or price lists and one level above modifiers.

  • Every business on qReveal should have at least one item. Most businesses will have multiple items.
  • Free plans include a limited number of items.
  • Premium plans include the ability to create an unlimited number of items.
  • If you hit the item limit, you will be prompted to upgrade before adding additional menus or price lists.
  • You can create or edit a menu or price list at any time.
  • You can also delete a menu or price list if you need to.
  • Items can be assigned to more than one category or menu or price list, if applicable, at a time. This is helpful to reuse the same item on multiple menus or price lists.

The chart below illustrates how qReveal organizes content into a hierarchy.

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