Limited availability

In qReveal, items and modifiers can be marked as “limited availability.”

This is an ideal way to:

  • Manage customer expectations for items that might no longer be available by the time they order
  • If you’re running low on inventory of certain ingredients, label those dishes as being limited availability
  • Mark items such as prime rib that is “only while supplies last”
  • Create “scarcity” on items to make the more appealing to customers
  • Making an item or modifier limited


To make an item or modifier limited:

  • Click Items or Modifiers in the admin navigation.
  • Find the item or modifier you want to mark as limited and click the Edit button on its row.
  • Look for the "Extra Details" box and check the box to mark it as limited availability.
  • Click the Save button.
  • You can also change the label for the "limited" text.

How limited items look

When an item is marked as featured, there is a bell icon next to it in various places on the customer facing view to help draw their eye to it.


You can also change the label "limited" to something else.

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