Free plan limits

Our free edition includes the basic tools to get started with creating a mobile friendly QR code contactless menu or price list:

  • Create one menu or price list for your singe location business
  • Limit of 4 categories
  • Limit of 20 items
  • Free printable QR codes for customers to scan with their devices
  • Limited to 500 QR scans per month
  • Access to basic features
  • "Powered by qReveal" link in footers

The free edition does not include:

Please note that the following types of businesses or organizations are not eligible to use the free edition:

  • Any business or organization that generates more than 500 QR code scans per month
  • Any business or organization with more than a single location 

If you don't qualify for the free edition, we have affordable plans that are based on the size of your business.

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