Userway accessibility widget

One way to make your contactless menus and price lists more accessible is to integrate the Userway widget. You may also want to consider providing printed single use copies of your menu for accessibility and other purposes.

Userway offers a free edition, but you need to sign up for a free trial of the paid edition to access it.

  • Once you've created a Userway account, look for the account ID in the dark bar at the top of the page. Copy and paste just the ID part (it's a string of random letters and numbers)
  • Click the Settings link on the admin navigation.
  • Look for the "Show Userway Accessibility Option" option click the checkbox.
  • In the field that appears, paste the user ID.
  • Click the Save button.

Please note that qReveal cannot adjust our code to conform with any errors or warnings Userway flags.

qReveal provides integration with Userway as a courtesy only.

If you opt to use a paid Userway account, this fee is your responsibility and not included in your qReveal fee. qReveal does not collect any payment for this service and your use of the Userway widget is subject to the terms and conditions and other policies of Userway, which is not related to or endorsed by qReveal.

We are unable to provide support for issues with Userway settings, so please contact the Userway support support team with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Please remember that simply adding an accessibliity widget may not necessarily make you compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. There may be additional steps you have to take to become complient. Due to the advanced code used to create our rich web application, qReveal cannot guarantee full complicance with accessiblity or other standards. Always consult a legal professional for any questions or concerns about compliance.

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