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qReveal offers the ability to add an option "cookie consent" banner to your public facing menu or price list pages.

This feature, powered by Osano, offers basic functionality to inform your users that cookies and other tracking technology may be used in order to deliver a reliable and feature rich experience.

Osano is a third party company and we provide integration with its service as a courtesy. We are not a partner nor do we endorse the service.

However, due to the wide range of regulations and different interpretations of them, we cannot guarantee our service is fully compatible or compliant with any regulation or law.

Here are some important notes about the Osano cookie consent feature:

  • The banner, as implemented on our servers, does not feature the ability for users to opt out of some or all cookies.
  • The banner does not record consent.
  • The banner attempts to identify if the user is in a jurisdiction with cookie consent regulations, but this is not guaranteed or foolproof.

qReveal purposefully limits the number of cookies and tracking used when customers view public menu or price lists in effort to make our service as compatible with as many privacy regulations as possible.

Three cookies can potentially be set while visiting public menu or price list pages:

  • A local cookie for storing a user's "wish list" selections. If this feature is disabled by the business owner or the user does not use the wish list feature, this cookie is not set. However, if the user clicks on a wish list icon at any time, the cookie is set. To disable this cookie completely, simply disable the wish list feature (please note this feature cannot fuction without setting a cookie).
  • A cookie is set by the Osano service to remember if the user dismisses the cookie consent banner if the cookie banner is enabled and the service believes the user is in a jurisdiction that may require cookie consent. This cookie is not set if the user does not see the banner or it is not enabled as outlined below. You can read more about Osano's cookies.
  • Google Analytics attempts to place a cookie on the user for qReveal to track the usage of our app. Users can opt out of Google Analytics tracking separately or by using blocking technology and our pages will honor those settings. qReveal uses the Google Analytics anonymization feature and this setting is applied to any cookies Google Analytics set.

To enable the cookie consent banner:

  • Click Settings in the admin navigation.
  • Look for the "Show cookie consent banner" option and check the box to enable.
  • Edit or modify the fields that appear as needed (more details below).
  • Click the Save button.

When enabled, the cookie consent banner is shown at the beginning of each session. Users can dismiss it by clicking the dismiss button, which does set a cookie to temporarily record that the user dismissed the banner and avoid showing it again during the same session in order to provide an optimal viewing experience. If users do not with to accept this cookie, they should not click the dismiss button.

Here is a quick overview of what each field means:

  • Cookie Banner Message: This text appears as the "body" of the cookie consent banner and should explain your policies and practices. Suggested default text is provided.
  • Cookie Banner Dismiss Button Text: This button allows the user to close the banner. We provide "OK" by default.
  • Cookie Banner Link Text: This text is displayed in the button shown on the banner (leave blank to disable the button). This defaults to "Learn More."
  • Cookie Banner Link URL: The destination you send users for more information. This can be your own privacy policy or other resource. By default, users are sent to This field is required if link text is entered.

All of these fields can be entered in any language you'd like.

As a reminder, qReveal cannot guarantee that its public facing pages comply with any privacy or data collection regulations, even with the cookie banner enabled and using our suggested text. If you require advanced consent or control over tracking, our service may not be ideal for you. Always consult a legal professional for questions or concerns about privacy, tracking and cookies, including what content to use in the banner.

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