Credit Card Charges

If you see QREVEAL or QREVEAL.COM/CC or similar variations on your credit card statement, this is a charge for your use of the qReveal digital menu service.

Please know that payment information is always processed securely and we do not sure your full credit card number at any time.

Questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about this charge, please contact us first. Providing the last four digits of the card, the date of transaction in question can be helpful in resolving your issue faster.

Please note the following:

  • You can build your menus and price lists for free on qReveal. However, once you go live with menus, a monthly fee is charged.
  • Please note that corporate and business credit and debit cards are often combined into a single statement, so if there are other authorized users on your account, one of them may have signed up for our service.
  • It is also possible, unfortunately, that you are the victim of credit card fraud. If you feel this is the case, please contact us first and we will work with you resolve the issue.

Higher charge than you were expecting?

If your charge is higher than you were expecting, please note the following:

  • qReveal charges small extra fees for extra image storage or a higher number of visits, which may be consolidated into your monthly charge.
  • If you feel this might be in error, contact us first.

Seeing small charges?

If you are seeing small additional charges on your card, there could be several reasons for this:

  • In some cases, our payment processor may securely charge your account a small amount to verify it is valid. These charges are temporary and are automatically canceled. It may take up to one week for your financial institution to adjust your account. During this time, these funds may be unavailable.
  • In some cases, additional overage fees or image storage or visitors may be charged separately from your primary subscription fee. In these cases, you may see one or more small additional charges on your account.
  • If you feel these charges might be in error, contact us first.

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