Translation issues

Some web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox) have features or extensions that automatically translate content shown on screen into the user's language of choice.

These tools may affect and change your menu or price list text. Typically these translations use automatically generated translations that may not be perfect or result in awkward phrasing.

Because these changes occur based on the user's browser, we don't have any control over the translations. You can suggest that users disable translation on their devices to prevent this from happening.

In addition, please keep in mind that there are occasions when the automatic translation feature of browsers can be useful; such as if your guest is visiting from another country and speaks a different language natively.

There are sometimes cases when you may not want select words to be translated because either they do not have any meaning outside your language, will result in a literal or inaccurate translation (for example, "buffalo wings" can sometimes be translated literally to suggest guests would be served wings from buffalo rather than the chicken dish named for the city of Buffalo), or you are using a specific language for specific culinary terms (such as "au jus" or "a la orange").

To prevent select words from being automatically translated, you can wrap item names and short descriptions in a special tag as shown here:

<span class="notranslate">Your text</span>

The <span class="notranslate"> and </span> parts of the code are not visible to end users, but are a sort of "hidden" way to tell the browser or browser extension to not translate the text between the tags (in the sample code about, the phrase "Your text" would not be translated.

This feature can also be used, for users with a premium subscription, in the long description field as part of the standard support for HTML there. However, non-premium users are limited to using the feature only in item titles and the short description. The tag is also not supported in location, menu or price list, category or modifier levels at this time.

Please note that this tag does not guarantee that the browser will not translate the text between it, though most quality browsers and extensions will obey this directive.

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