Scans and sessions

Free plans have a limit on the number of scans and sessions. qReveal Premium plans include higher limits. Upgrade to premium to increase your account limit.

Different qReveal accounts have different limits on the number of scans or sessions per month.

Scans are defined as the number of times a QR code is scanned. If the same device or user scans the same QR code multiple times within the same billing period, each scan will be counted.

Sessions are defined by a single unique device, as determined by qReveal’s analytics systems, views at least one page of the menu or price list generated by qReveal’s servers. This includes sessions not generated by a QR code scan or accessed via a unique device. As a practice, each session is allowed up to 50 page views per session.

Scans and sessions are counted based on device, not by user, customer or party, as determined by qReveal’s analytics tools.

As a courtesy, qReveal will generally not count a scan or session made by the same device within 60 minutes of another scan or session.

Accounts that exceed their scan and session allowances reguarly may be subject to small additional fees.

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